by yorammi

Bash keyboard shortcuts Movement keyboard shortcuts ShortcutAction [Ctrl]+[a]jump the cursor to the start of the command line [Ctrl]+[e] jump the cursor to the end of the command line [Ctrl]+[xx] toggle between start of command line and current cursor position (and back again) [Ctrl]+[f]move forward one character [Ctrl]+[b]move backward one character...


If you using forever to ensuring that a given script runs continuously you probably know that there is no option to check if specific app is already running or not. simplest solution we are using is simply to grep the 'forever list' >> forever list | grep $APP_FILE | wc...

by hagzag

In continuation to my post earlier this month, regarding setting a automatic property to a file in svn. The issue I dealt with in that post was a property set that would be given only to newly created files, meaning only new files with the given extension would receive the...