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We are a global software company founded by experts in the open-source community. Our open-source approach provides our clients with value added services, assuring rapid development and easy customization, while eliminating the risk of being held captive by a specific vendor.

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by gilad

How to increment version number in Gradle Following are a couple of examples how to address the issue Prerequisite The gradle version is constructed from gradle properties that are set in the gradle.properties file likewise: //version Properties artifactMajorVersion=1.0.0 artifactBuildNumber=2 So that the version is constructed so: product-$artifactMajorVersion-$artifactBuildNumber.$ext e.g. product-1.0.0-2-SNAPSHOT.jar or...

by orenf

Fuseday Experience 2/2015 - the dOs Attacks Introduction The challenge for this fusesay was developing a simple server, which should be able to do several tasks: 1. Handle attacks of http requests in the for of geo-location check-ins, this Defending the machine's health ans stability. 2. On the other hand,...

by orenf

I’ve been writing javascript code since 2006. Right from the very first lines of code in javascript, I felt that the simplicity of javascript was exactly what i was looking for in a language. In this post, i’m sharing my thoughts on why I think javascript was and still is...



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