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We are a global software company founded by experts in the open-source community. Our open-source approach provides our clients with value added services, assuring rapid development and easy customization, while eliminating the risk of being held captive by a specific vendor.

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In this post you will configure Traefik to route requests to your backend. You will use Jenkins as an example of how to do a simple URL redirection. Traefik Traefik is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer made to deploy microservices with ease. Traefik supports multiple backends and...

by erezc

As a frontend developer, I’ve always been afraid of diving into Amazon’s AWS dashboard. Too many options, complicated, and nothing is frontend-related. Not my cup of tea. Lately I’ve been working on a small project that required running a small NodeJS app on a serverless environment. The requirements were very...

by chenc

How to add Pipeline DSL support to Intellij Purpose Add Pipeline DSL support to Intellij Prerequisites Intellij is installed Existing Jenkins-Pipeline job Install Groovy SDK Download desired groovy-sdk version from this site Extract archive to your preferred location Add Groovy framework support Create new groovy project Right-click on project root...



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