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We are a global software company founded by experts in the open-source community. Our open-source approach provides our clients with value added services, assuring rapid development and easy customization, while eliminating the risk of being held captive by a specific vendor.

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by orenf

In the last Tikal's fuseday (hackaton), I decided to get out of my comfort zone completley, move my cheese away and experiment with something compleltely new. That's why chose to experiment with Vue.js, webpack, browserfiy and the recently released google material lite. The App Idea In the past, I wrote...

The Internet of Things (IoT) will have a massive and profound impact on how we will work, live and play. This event will describe the trends,tools and perspectives for developers which would like to play a role in this new arena. Read the full agenda, comments, and review "Hello IoT"...

by assafg

Docker is one of the most popular deployment tools available today for application developers. There are many books and tutorials about Docker out there, but docker is basically a tool to package your app as an image and run it in isolation as a container. In a micro/multy service environment...



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