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We are a global software company founded by experts in the open-source community. Our open-source approach provides our clients with value added services, assuring rapid development and easy customization, while eliminating the risk of being held captive by a specific vendor.

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60 Seconds Architecture – Graphite

I'm working with git & github as a vcs for the last 3 years.

We have a job in Jenkins that clones git repo using HTTP, and one of the steps runs git command for the same rep


Automated UI testing for web applications
4:30 pm Thursday, 30 Oct 2014 @
Google Campus TLV
DevOps containers & boxes
6:00 pm Tuesday, 16 Sep 2014 @
Gilda Bar
Beyond Java - JVM Functional Programming with Java8, Scala and Clojure
4:30 pm Tuesday, 22 Jul 2014 @
Google Campus TLV
Casandra workshop
3:00 pm Thursday, 3 Jul 2014 @
Google Campus Tel Aviv

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We’re a diverse team of industry software experts helping companies achieve their projects full potential!

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