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We are a global software company founded by experts in the open-source community. Our open-source approach provides our clients with value added services, assuring rapid development and easy customization, while eliminating the risk of being held captive by a specific vendor.

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by sefi

Ever since Font Awesome came out, I was amazed at how simple it made things. It really is… well… Awesome! Working with graphics or icons was never a major hassle but using icons as a font has so much more going for it! Since it’s vectorial in nature, controling it’s...

by orenf

The Async Challange in Nodejs Nodejs purpose was to allow fast input/output (io) and not to be used as a computation layer for processing. Despite this important fact, in one of the projects I was in involved, we were required to check a possiblity for image processing (crop & resize)...

by gilad

How to increment version number in Gradle Following are a couple of examples how to address the issue Prerequisite The gradle version is constructed from gradle properties that are set in the gradle.properties file likewise: //version Properties artifactMajorVersion=1.0.0 artifactBuildNumber=2 So that the version is constructed so: product-$artifactMajorVersion-$artifactBuildNumber.$ext e.g. product-1.0.0-2-SNAPSHOT.jar or...



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