Who we are

Tikal is a global software company founded in 1999 by experts in the open-source community. For over 12 years, we have helped breakthrough companies achieve excellence. We have earned worldwide recognition for delivering extremely competitive and high-performance software services.

Our open-source approach provides our clients with value added services, assuring rapid development and easy customization, while eliminating the risk of being held captive by a specific vendor.

Our Clients

Our Expertise

Our History 

A leading solution provider for open-source technologies

technologiesWe decided to make a long term commitment to constantly perfect our services. We do this by supplying our clients with true software experts that are leaders in their field. This allows us to deliver the finest maintenance support available in the industry.

Enterprise Software 
Tikal Knowledge was founded by Lior Kanfi as a startup in the knowledge management domain.
Tikal expanded its services and expertise by forming the Tikal Java Group and the Tikal DevOps Group.
Web Development 
Following the emergence of web applications, we identified a growing need for Flex experts. This resulted in the formation of our third group, the Tikal Flex Group.
With the global rise in Python development, we established the Tikal Python Group, extending our abilities to provide web UI solutions.
Tikal penetrated the traditional .NET market by acquiring XLNet. This established our strong group of .NET experts, allowing us to deliver competitive services in more platforms.
As a result of the global rise in Ruby on Rails development, we formed our latest group, the Tikal RoR Group, containing great potential for many future businesses.
Our Culture 

Our open-source approach means
lower expenses, increased flexibility, and freedom of vendor lock-in.

Lock-in Free
Tikal's open-source approach breaks away from the conventional model, by supplying open and flexible solutions that lower costumer expenses. By using open-source tools, with open protocols and standards, we eliminate our clients risk of getting locked-in to a specific software vendor. We believe in your right to choose who and what you work with.
Innovation & Drive
Our hands-on expertise stems from years of development experience. We don’t see ourselves as theoretical advisers, we put our experience into practice. We do this by constantly updating our knowledge base, by continuously learning about new developments, and by striving to always be at the forefront of new and emerging technologies.
Results Oriented
Our work environment is focused on delivering results. We work hard to keep this a recurring theme of the organization, but we also believe that personal relationships, openness, transparency and freedom are the basis of any working relationship.A company can only be as good as it’s people.
Our Experts 

We’re a diverse team of industry software experts
helping companies achieve their projects full potential!

We provide premium services powered by our senior software developers and architects, dedicated to helping companies achieve their desired goals. We are very competitive. We just get a kick out of providing the the best work around.

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We create communities that spread knowledge and connect between industry professionals

Tikal Community is exactly what software developers need, a place to  share tips, tools and ideas, and a true treasure source for up-to-date  software development knowledge.

We invite software developers around the world to join our professional communities, a place for exchanging knowledge and new ideas.