RoR enrichment lectures

Tikal's Ruby group enrichment lectures are Free. You can either join our local public lectures at "Fullstack Developers Israel" meetup group, or host a lecture at your offices to enrich your colleagues and team members. 
​This offering os available for Israeli local business only.

Building a graph using MongoDB in large scale

Social graphs are the next big thing on the web, Who my friends are, what are they doing, why should I care and other interesting questions. Dealing with a social graph is a big task involving big-data and requiring a concept change from dealing with regular SQL databases.

Time Frame : 50 min. 
Lecturer : Avi Tzurel - Tikal's RoR group leader.
Price : F.O.C

Splitting the monolithic application, when why and how?

We will showcase the application, why was it split into several services and will also discuss the messaging that's required to run this kind of application in production.  
Application to application messaging is crucial for this to work, we will show you how it's done, monitored, scaled and deployed, all in a single day of lectured pumped with real-life stories and use-cases. (view the slides)

Time Frame : 40 min. 
Lecturer : Avi Tzurel - Tikal's Ruby group leader.
Price : F.O.C

Refactoring for performance and profit a real life use case

Performance on rails, how to treat your code throughout your application's life cycle for best code style and performance.

Time Frame : 50 min. 
Lecturer : Tom Caspy - Tikal's Ruby group member.
Price : F.O.C.