DevOps workshops and training

Tikal's DevOps group workshops and courses are available for our local customers, custome made for there needs. Also you can join our public workshops at "Fullstack Developers Israel" meetup group. 

Here with is a list of available DevOps workshops :

Chef & Vagrant for Dev 'n' Ops workshop

Managing and infrastructure's lifecycle using Opscode Chef & Vagrant. We will cover Chef and how to use / implement it. Understand a software development lifecycle using vagrant.

1st Session (4 hours) - Getting Started:

  • Introduction to Chef - understanding Chef components and concepts
  • Installing the tools for these two sessions - files will be available offline
  • A cookbook lifecycle :: Writing a cookbook  - hands on
  • A cookbook lifecycle :: Improving a cookbook  - hands on
  • Introduction to Vagrant
  • Testing our cookbook with Vagrant  - hands on

2nd Session (4 hours)  - Diving Deeper:

  • The wrapper cookbook - hands on 
  • Managing dependencies 
  • Chef server vs. Chef solo 
  • Chef solo route - configuring and using chef solo 
  • The Vagrant (solo) way 
  • Chef server route -> use vagrant to setup your chef server - hands on 
  • Chef server route -> use vagrant to setup your chef workstation - hands on 
  • Converging nodes with Chef server (and client ...) - hands on (Bootstrap & Converge)  
  • Summarize + Open discussion / Q&A 

Workshop will have a lot of hands-on - bring your laptops !

Time Frame: 8 hours.
Lecturer: Haggai Zagury - Tikal's DevOps group member. 
Price: will be advised per demand. 

OpenStack Grizzly All-in-One on VirtualBox workshop

The best way to get an insight into OpenStack is playing with a live installation, but OpenStack's simplest configuration requires 2 machines, each equipped with 2 network cards, interconnected with 2 switches - which makes a lot of hardware and cables. Using VirtualBox we can set up a full OpenStack installation on a single laptop and in this workshop we will learn how to do it right.

Time Frame : 4 Hours.
Lecturer : Ori Tzoran - Tikal's DevOps group member. 
Price : will be advised per demand. 

GIT Introduction workshop

In this workshop we will start from the very beginning so no knowledge in git is required.

Git users with some experience may benefit as well. We will cover the following topics :

  • Basic command and options.
  • Basic workflow and best practices.
Some more in depth “under the hood” material if we will have time.
Time Frame : 2 sessions of 3 hours.
Lecturer : Miron Gofer - Tikal's DevOps group member. 
Price : will be advised per demand. 

Chef introduction workshop

This workshop covers the following topics:

  • What is / Introduction to chef - what does it solve
  • Chef components chef-server, chef-client, knife etc
  • Setting up Chef Workstation [ with/out Chef Server ]
  • Introduction to Cookbooks [ Attributes / Nodes etc .. ]
  • Reusing existing cookbooks
  • Writing your own cookbooks
  • Short demo - chef bootstrap, chef server [webui/api/search], chef client [configuring & running], cookbook deployment & SCM integration (git)
  • Open Questions Time.
Time Frame : 4 hours.
Lecturer : Haggai Zagury - Tikal's DevOps group member. 
Price : will be advised per demand.