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Bruce Eckel is known for his books "Thinking in C++" and "Thinking in Java". In recent years he has focused on Python.


"If you've read my past writings, you know I am unimpressed with arguments about static type checking for its own sake, which typically come down to "if I can't know X is an int, then the world will collapse!" I've written and seen enough robust code in Python to be unswayed by such histrionics; the payoff for all the hoop-jumping in C++ and Java seems small compared to what can be accomplished using far less, and much clearer, Python code.


Scala is the first language I've seen where static type-checking seems to pay off. Some of its amazing contortional abilities would not, I think, be possible without static type checking. And, as I shall attempt to show in this article, the static checking is relatively unobtrusive -- so much so that programming in Scala almost feels like programming in a dynamic language like Python."