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New blog post!


When working on large scale projects, java back-end code is usually being built using Apache Maven.
This is usually part of a larger framework in charge of project life cycle that is part of the Continuous Integration DevOps realm, either Hudson, Jenkins or something else.
In such a case, you’d want your AngularJS code to run grunt/gulp as part of the CI procedure as well.


by liya

A nice post by Tim O'Brien on the well-known criticism about Maven - “every time you run Maven, it downloads the Internet.” -

How not to download the Internet

by liya

'Maven 3.x will be the version Maven for the people', says Jason van Zyl, and it does look promising!

At the moment there is a 3.0.alpha.6 version released, and I could't find any roadmap or dates for the planned main release yet.

I didn't have a chance to "play around" enough with this release to be able to say that all that promised is there :), but I've summarized some main issues from the Maven 3.x previews I found in several blogs/presentations/apache info pages:


* Backward compatibility