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by yorammi

More than a decade ago, when I was first been introduced with Maven, I had one big issue with its concept: along side with all its benefits (and there are many as such), I didn't like the idea that for each version of my product I need to set the version of it inside the pom.xml file and save the file (with the version text inside it) as part of my code.
This concept were against any understanding I have about versioning methodologies and it caused me to actually dislike Maven. Maven 3.2.1 introduced, for the first time, a small feature that turn all the written above upside-down.

by assafg

I stumbled into Grunt a while ago but only recently I got a chance to play around with it and integrate it into a NodeJS project.

by ittayd

I recently needed to upgrade a project from Hibernate 3.6.9 to 4.1.3. Upgrading the code went fairly smoothly. However, upgrading the build turned out to be more difficult. The reason was the build was using hibernate3-maven-plugin to create an SQL schema file. The plugin, as its name suggests, supported only Hibernate 3. The main issue was that the plugin's code tried to use Hibernate classes which were relocated to different packages in the 4.x version. I tried updating the plugin from version 2.2 to 3.0, but it didn't work.


by liorb


In Recent years Flex has become the ideal client solution for Java server based projects. Flex compliments Java in many ways and has many similarities to Java. These include, the syntax, the OOP approach and many other features of the two languages that are similar.

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate one aspect of the Flex Java integration by covering the earliest stage of the development process, which is the build and infrastructure creation. In future posts I will cover later stages of the development.


by liya

Have been wondering how to build your application that have both Java and Scala sources with Maven?

Here you can find a tutorial from

Build a mixed Scala 2.8/Java application and Eclipse Settings for this project

by liya

Interesting post that introduces Hudson-Artifactory integration:


Artifactory is definitely more than just Maven repository manager, the option of having build info together with deployed artifacts can be very useful.

Although there are differences between the open source version and the commercial version of Build Integration in Artifactory, we should consider Artifactory as a replacement for Nexus.

by liya

'Maven 3.x will be the version Maven for the people', says Jason van Zyl, and it does look promising!

At the moment there is a 3.0.alpha.6 version released, I could't find any roadmap or dates for the planned main release yet.

I didn't have a chance to "play around" enough with this release to be able to say that all that promised is there :), but I've summarized some main issues from the Maven 3.x previews I found in several blogs/presentations/apache info pages:


* Backward compatibility

by udid

does anyone uses / knows ivy?