Working at Tikal: 
Be a Software Craftsman: 
So you realized you want to stay close to the code - that you want to be an expert software developer. At Tikal you will find a familiar breed of enthusiastic software developers, senior developers and architects. We invite you to be apart of a professional team that enables developers to advance their career and constantly grow.
Get Community Power: 
At Tikal you don’t just stay close to the code, you also gain tremendous confidence from the support of an elite community of developers. We know from experience how important it is to have access to support or advice when you need it, but most importantly, a strong community basicly means - solving a problem faster.
Do What You Love: 
The opportunity is now. Invest your time in what you really love and want to do. We empower our staff by encouraging to follow their ambitions, because we believe that’s when true talent come out.
Keep Yourself Challenged: 
Working at Tikal keeps you constantly challenged. Projects are extremely diverse, and innovation happens on a regular basis. We enjoy the hi speed dynamics of the software industry, and we love the fact that we can be apart of it.
The Tikal Alternative: 
Working at Tikal means a career at the forefront of technology. Gaining hands-on experience, on different levels and platforms and staying close to the most updated technologies out there.
We see Tikal as an incubator for software developers to grow. Our professional workshops and company events are valuable asset in keeping our staff at their best.
We personalize a career that fits your needs.  After discussing your aspirations and interests,  we will build together your personal roadmap.
Our Values
Open Source
Our open source mentality takes part in our company’s everyday life. We put effort in creating an optimal match between our employee skills and aspirations. We are committed to remain open, transparent, personal and personable. We enjoy creating an environment that allows continuous and freedom of expression and self-motivation.
Innovation & Expertise
Professional enrichment and personal empowerment are key values that flow through our organization’s DNA. We want to be the best at what you really want to do. Working at Tikal means being constantly exposed to valuable up-to-date knowledge, and to being apart of a team that never stops learning about new developments
Result oriented with work­life balance
We have alway been a results oriented company, we don’t just look at the bits and bytes, we make sure to stay focus on the big picture. Our aim is to provide our staff with the tools and work environment they need to achieve proven results, while maintaining a conscious healthy balance of work and home integration.

Hear what our staff says

One of the best things about working at Tikal is being part of an enthusiastic team that enjoys sharing knowledge.

Roni Licht
Sr. Java Developer
Tikal is technical springboard to almost every software developer, thanks to the talented people you work with and the professional challenges you are facing as an expert in Tikal. As an employee at Tikal i always feel at top of priority ,the attentive management and HR personal are focused on us as the most important resource. Sensitive yet professional communication with a allot of respect from both sides create a family atmosphere and a real care of the employee's career path and and personal life.
Dmitri Krasnenko
Sr. Java Developer
Tikal is a place where the professionals work. It is hard to get in, but it is more than hard to leave. And don't say I didn't warn you!
Michael Hantler
Android Developer
I am a Mobile Developer specializing in Android development. I also have extensive experience in iOS development, BlackBerry 10 development, and Mobile web development. In my time at Tikal I have had the opportunity to participate in projects ranging from mobile prototyping to application design for desktop and different Mobile and web based open source development days.