Following our successful Fullstack event, we're happy to share the slides & git repo with you.

Our Android meetup Hosted 2 great lectures covering some flaming hot code, and presented how Kotlin and Rx roam together allowing us to work and benefit from both.

Talk 1 - 60 Rx minutes - by Yossi Elkrief & Ronel Girat.

Rx is here, live and kicking :) , We'll cover some reactive paradigms and see how we've built a recommended practices app to use Rx together with Kotlin and how it's all tied up.

Click here >> for lecture's git repo

Talk 2 - Kotlin - Don't call us, We'll call(Log) you - by Shaul Rosenzweig.

We will go over using Content provider, DAO and tests with kotlin together with some flow from Rx covered in Talk 1. We will see how we got a CallLog with DAO and added tests to verify our work is up to standards.

Hope to see you in our next community events, click here for upcoming lecturers and workshop