Software Architecture
is an Art.

Got a new project? Need guidance for your current one?
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Getting to know your project

Every system has its unique characteristics, and we are here to help you define them. We start by talking to the product lead, then continue to other stakeholders, to get a wider understanding of the requirements and perspectives. At this stage, we will also research and test new software technologies that are relevant for your system.


To the drawing board

Together, we lay down all the data we've collected. Then we start putting things together, to build a coherent presentation, describing various views and perspectives for the software architecture.


It's show time

We present the architecture and collect feedback from the stakeholders in your company. Then we fix and refine the offer to perfection. This process continues until you and your stakeholders are satisfied.


Your software architecture is ready

Start your new project with a clear bird-eye view


Work with the best

Our experienced architects have applied software architecture for dozens of projects.

Tailored Architecture

We pay high attention to soft skills and communication in order to make sure we provide the most accurate solutions

Full Support

We are with you every step of the way: from the interaction with stakeholders, through choosing the right technologies.



"...After knowing Yanai’s high architecture capabilities for a few years, we asked him to join the effort of building a "Data-Lake" and "Data-Pipeline" to be used by various BI tools and machine learning processes at Sunbit. The architecture consisted of Data-Pipelines - taking data from the various microservices, and using AWS Serverless services, to create a Data-Lake at AWS. While using S3 as Sunbit's Data-Lake, we created Data-Analytics EMR jobs in order to slice and dice the data, and create various views to be used by the BI tools, as well as the machine-learning jobs. Working with Yanai was a real pleasure. We had full synergy and cooperation. Yanai is a real architecture professional, as well as a great person to work with."

- Ornit Meizel, Sunbit


Big-Data and Backend-Architect with more than 20 years of software development experience. "Hands-on” in both architecture and implementation aspects. Over the years I have worked with dozens of customers: Some of the customers were startups on their very beginning stage, which my work there was to create an architecture "From-Scratch", taking a product vision, and make it happen, while other customers were on the "Next-Generation" phase of their product, and my architecture task was to refactor or create a new product in order to apply their new needs. My work is with full synergy and cooperation, both with founders, the CTO, as well as the development team. I think this great synergy has led to a success story for both customers and myself
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