Who we are

Tikal is an expert open-source development company, with a strong belief in the technology and a great love for new challenges. Our experts join forces with development teams and empower companies and organization by helping them successfully complete complex projects and accomplish even the most ambitious goals. We built teams that thrive on challenges and creative thinking, and assist our clients to plan, develop, build and implement almost any kind of software system, of any size or scale, by using new technologies and a wide range of innovative development tools. We take full responsibility in every project we do, in order to assure our clients with effective execution in every task, process or project. We adhere to strict deadlines and reduce resource expenses by utilizing many current technologies.

Our unique mix of developer expertise and Tikal’s Fullstack abilities are a direct result diversified challenges and development tasks of our clients, alongside years of experience nurturing, sharing, training and leading development teams to become true software architects.

Tikal’s diversified operation consists of 5 domains - Java, JS, DevOps, Android, and Ruby. We create expert development teams who are able to perform any complicated task from beginning to end, ensuring our customers of a true Fullstack service. We truly believe in sharing knowledge with your community, and for that purpose we have established the Fullstack Developers Israel community, which has become one of Israel’s leading developer online knowledge center. We routinely share our knowledge and experience in many professional workshops and lectures, and give back to the community by helping its members expand their capabilities and stay at the forefront of the most current technological knowledge.

Our Clients

Our Expertise

Our History 

A leading solution provider for open-source technologies

Tikal started its journey filled with ambitions and passion for breakthrough technologies, back in the days when open source was new to the software development scene. We were always on the lookout for new tools that would allow us to build and develop in an unrestrictive environment. From those modest beginnings, our crew has grown and become a leading pioneer in the open source development community. Our aspiration to always find new ways to provide effective technological solutions led us to deepen our knowledge and to expand the tools and the development platforms we use. Today Tikal is led by a team of technology experts in the fields of: DevOps, Java, JS, Ruby and Android, with over 100 employees that are the heart of the company, assisting development teams in companies and organizations worldwide.

Enterprise Software 
Tikal Knowledge was founded by Lior Kanfi as a startup in the knowledge management domain.
Tikal expanded its services and expertise by forming the Tikal Java Group and the Tikal DevOps Group.
Web Development 
Following the emergence of web applications, we identified a growing need for Flex experts. This resulted in the formation of our third group, the Tikal Flex Group.
With the global rise in Python development, we established the Tikal Python Group, extending our abilities to provide web UI solutions.
Tikal penetrated the traditional .NET market by acquiring XLNet. This established our strong group of .NET experts, allowing us to deliver competitive services in more platforms.
As a result of the global rise in Ruby on Rails development, we formed our latest group, the Tikal RoR Group, containing great potential for many future businesses.
Mobile Development 
Following the emergence of mobile applications & Internet of Things, we identified a growing need for Android experts. This resulted in the formation of our third group, the Tikal Android Group.
Our Culture 

The unique value we assure our costumers consists of three main core values. These core values are at the essence of our professional culture and guide our employees in all of varied activity.

Open and Transparent
Tikal's open-source approach and the tools we use free our clients from being obligated to work with a single software vendor and allows them to choose who they want to work with as well as the technology that is right for the task. Our clients are not tied down to the conventional model, they enjoy the usage and flexibility of open source tools that have open standards and protocols. This approach also commits us to continue developing new technologies and to constantly deepening our knowledge on a day to day basis.
Practical Innovation
Our professional approach is a combination of our expertise and our vigorous expand our knowledge. We routinely share knowledge between our teams, in workshops and in our developer communities. This approach allows us to assist clients solve any problem in the most effective manner, receive extensive support by Tikal’s technological backbone, and enjoy the support of expert developers that are in the forefront of the technology industry.
Flexibility and commitment to results
Complete professional liability and technological responsibility is a substantial core value us, and also a commitment we make to our clients. The flexibility we provide our employees, to learn and grow according to their own personal interest, correlates to our expectations that they will know how to take responsibility and to be ready to deliver competitive results. The professional freedom our employees enjoy produces a unique working environment in which workers are able to accept responsibility and cope with a wide range of challenges. The willingness of our developers to execute multiple and diverse tasks at our client’s facility, nurtures their ability to be flexible and integrate easily into any development, execute tasks efficiently and achieve the desired goals.
Our Experts 

We’re a diverse team of industry software experts
helping companies achieve their projects full potential!

We provide premium services powered by our senior software developers and architects, dedicated to helping companies achieve their desired goals. We are very competitive. We just get a kick out of providing the the best work around.

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We create communities that spread knowledge and connect between industry professionals

Tikal Community is exactly what software developers need, a place to  share tips, tools and ideas, and a true treasure source for up-to-date  software development knowledge.

We invite software developers around the world to join our professional communities, a place for exchanging knowledge and new ideas.