Serverless, What's the FaaS about it?

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Modern monitoring - building a reliable monitoring & alerting system for distributed systems

Everyone is talking about Serverless, Functions, Lambda, DynamoDB, Firebase and more.

What exactly do they mean?

How does it affect the future of systems development?

How can I use this new plethora of services and infrastructure?

In this talk, we’ll go over the new world of serverless and show how any developer can leverage it for development speed, application scale, and resilience. We’ll also showcase a simple application and address the issue of lock-in to specific providers.

by Haggai Zagury, DevOps Architect

Serverless Architecture with Event Sourcing (in Action)

In this lecture we’ll show serverless “in action” , and we’ll explain how we can integrate it with other architecture styles like “event notifications” and “event sourcing”

We will take a reactive, microsevice based application, and develop (and deploy) yet another service using serverless architecture. We will explain what serverless computing can offer and cut through some of the hype to understand where and how you can use it in your own organization.

You will gain a firm grasp of what serverless computing and event sourcing are, and learn tips for using serverless computing solutions in a hybrid environment.

by Yanai Franchi, Java Architect

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