Frontend Expert Academy
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An intensive 3 months course, led by Tikal's experts, covering all practical aspects of frontend development, with hands-on experience.

After a successful pilot earlier this year, we are opening the application for
the upcoming semester in December 2019.


Learn from the experts

In today's world, team leaders must be familiar with all aspects of the development process, from user Interface through the server environment to Implementation and automation Devops The expert academy, led by Tikal’s experts, provides practical hands-on experience in a wide range of technologies, including React, GraphQL, NodeJS and MongoDB, to help students take their careers to the next level.

Course Highlights

Main subjects

React - The most popular library for building modern web-apps. The advantages of using React as a foundation for web-apps are many and include a low learning curve, flexibility, ability to choose different supporting tools to create a tailor-fitted stack for almost any web-app.

GraphQL - An exciting new technology for exposing server information for increased flexibility, efficiency and stability.

NodeJS - A good Front End engineer knows his way in the browser. A great one also supplements that knowledge with Server-side development to close an end-to-end (full-stack) development capabilities.

MongoDB - One of the key responsibilities of a server is to store and organize data. For the past 10 years, NoSQL servers in general and MongoDB have become an industry standard to store and index high volumes of unstructured or loosely structured data.


Is the Academy for me?

If you're a software engineer on your way to senior positions, and you feel like you need to develop your skills and expand your toolbox, Tikal Expert Academy may be for you!


When & Where

When: December 2019 (exact dates TBD) Duration: 3 months, 80 academic hours, 120 academic guidance hours on the final project Where: Tikal HQ, Atidim 7, Tel Aviv


Leading Technologies

Learn from Professionals

Flexible Schedule

Powerful Networking


Assaf Gannon, Javascript Architect

"In my current position as Head of Javascript Experts Group at Tikal, I’m responsible for setting and tracking personal and professional development goals, creating and maintaining a tech radar, organizing and participating in high profile community meetups and workshops while keeping hands-on by consulting to Tikal’s clients."

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