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Tikal had its first Tech Radar Full Stack day. During the day we covered the hottest topics that we felt were part of the technology radar. Topics ranged from Chaos Engineering, Polyglot Apps with GraalVM and Workflow Data pipeline Orchestration with Airflow (my lecture). If you would like to see the full list, head on to:

We started the day with opening notes from Lior Kanfi founder of Tikal, and two guest lectures from overseas: Greg Burrell (netflix) and Jeff Meyerson (Podcast Host, Software Engineering Daily). The day was full of action, with great lectures and a go workshop at the end.

My lecture was a short overview on airflow and it’s advantages in the orchestration world. Through the use case of Behalf BI business world of data, we went over the data flow pipelines (for example datalake, dataflow) including the challenges we had to face. I showed how we brought the best practices and knowledge from the mature backend world of microservices to the python orchestration world of airflow including hierarchy configuration, module deployment, multiple environments. For more information on airflow, see:

You can find my presentation at: airflow presentation, videos from the day should be coming shortly.

During the day the known podcaster host Jeff Meyerson, interviewed me on airflow and other assorted technologies that we used, including apache beam. The interview was a first for me (podcast) and I was honoured to be on his podcast.

To listen to the podcast, head on over to:


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