The most Misunderstood Buzzword in Hi-Tech world

If you asked me few years ago what is the most misunderstood term in the Hi-Tech world - I’d say JavaScript. There are tones of articles and videos about it. But I changed in the past 5 years, and so is my answer.

Despite the release of node.js, and the great progress with ES6 and ES7 and obviously - npm - which made JavaScript very pervasive and abundant - there is an even more term that everybody in the high-tech world have came accross, but often has very bad idea of what it is. Ideas people have are ranging from partial in the better cases, to very very wrong in the common case. The most of the few that know about it well keep scilent because they don’t feel it’s their job to educate people about it. Mmmm. Curious?

I’m taking about Agile.

The sad truth is that any manager and any developer, when offered a glance on a technology that will improve their work, and empower their agency and increase their productivity will be open about it, but most of them don’t want to hear about Agile despite that Agile comes to do the same things. Isn’t that odd?

TBD: why is it so

TBD: a highlevel view of agile

TBD: my refined take on it

TBD: what you can do
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