Using scoped classes in "styled-components"

After a lot of practice in migrating components from sass to styled-components and quite a few trials and errors I feel that the following is least painfull: Declaring scoped classes (much like sass) in the styled component.


    > svg
        width: 39px
        fill: #ababb2

        font-size: $gi-font-size-x-extra-jumbo
        font-weight: $gi-font-weight-extra-normal
        padding: 20px 0

        font-size: $gi-font-size-semi-large
        padding: 5px 0

        margin-top: 40px

Becomes this:

import styled from 'styled-components';
import { giTheme } from '../themes';

const Container = styled.div`
    svg {
        width: 39px;
        fill: #ababb2;

    & .title {
        font-size: ${giTheme.giFontSizeXExtraJumbo};
        font-weight: ${giTheme.giFontWeightExtraNormal};
        padding: 20px 0;

    & .details {
        font-size: ${giTheme.giFontSizeSemiLarge};
        padding: 5px 0;

    button {
        margin-top: 40px;

export default {

The space between the ampersand and the class name indicated that it is a class declaration The Component’s code stays pretty much the same:

The usage is just like regular classes: <div className="title" >...</div>

Notice that the classes are plainly refered to as className=”title”. in the rendered code it will show up as

.hctASO .title {
    font-size: 2.6rem;
    font-weight: 500;
    padding: 20px 0;

** this class is scoped to the container and not to the entire page :) **

I like it because it reduces the number of styled components you need to create - no more “component per class”… I hope this helps! Further reference here:

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