Tip for failed installation of VirtualBox on MacBook


If you fail to install VirtualBox on MacBook and you don’t get the Allow button as expected - according to what is suggested in some StackOverflow answers about it - run Homebrew command brew install homebrew/cask/virtualbox so the missing button will appear and clicking it will solve your problem.

The problem

When installing VirtualBox on MacBook using the .dmg package, the installer shows this error: The installation failed

The suggested solution

There are several StackOverflow answers about it (e.g. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46546192/virtualbox-not-installing-on-high-sierra) that suggest to go to the System Preferences - Security & privacy page and click the Allow button that appears there for Oracle America, as in the below image, and this will solve the problem. Allow button

This is a great solution, but what if the button is not there????

The working solution

If the above solution is not working for you, you should overcome it by running the Homebrew command brew install homebrew/cask/virtualbox (which installs VirtualBox as well, but also includes its dependecies) which will cause the missing Allow button to appear. Clicking it will help the installation to pass OK.


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