Introduction to Machine Learning using Spark for Developers -Video & Slides

Following our successful Fullstack event with over 350 RSVP members, we are happy to share the slides with you.

Machine Learning is more available today then ever due to API’s in the cloud as services. They are mostly used for Neural Networks but also other API’s. But Machine Learning also becomes available to the developers of Big Data applications using Spark-MlLib. This is a different approach: implement the different ML algorithms on Big Data and not by close API’s.

Introduction to Machine learning by Ilan Goldenstein

learn what are the capabilities and algorithms that we can use. What are the differences between the different approaches and algorithms.

Implement ML on real world problems using Spark MlLib by Ran Silberman

In this lecture we will show different algorithms that can be used and compare between them .Code will be shown in Spark/Scala.

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