Android NDK - Lecture Video

Following my Android NDK lecture , I’d like to share the video with you.

This lecture will give an overview of Java Native Interface (JNI) in general and then continue to the explanations of concepts of Android native development with Native Development Kit (NDK). During the sessions configuration of Android Studio and Gradle for NDK will be demonstrated.

  1. Getting started with the JNI (Java native interface)
    • What JNI can do
    • Simple example
    • JNI basics Native JNI functions Java type mapping Inspecting classes, calling Java methods

Local and Global references

Processing Exceptions Java VM Interface

  1. Getting started with the NDK (Android’s native development kit)
  • Introduction: What/Why NDK
  • NDK and Project setup
  • Architectures and CPUs
  • Debugging
  • Libraries Prebuilt Libraries C++ Support Stable APIs


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