AWS Summit 2015 - Mobile Perspective

Event Keynotes

AWS was a great event with over 2000 participants.

AWS services experienced huge growth in the last year. S3 and AMI usage is skyrocketing, and many more cool services are on the way (like elastic file system- AKA NFS and Amazon Aurora).

During the keynotes AWS customer in Israel participated:

  • Glide explained they use AWS Kinsesis In order to collect data from clients and analyze user experience.
  • COMVERSE - which is a digital services supplier and an OTT supplier. use AWS in order to support Christmas picks.
  • Gamefly uses AWS to stream consoles games with no need of gaming console. Amazon servers with gpu do the hard work.The ability not to pay for server after picks hours,save 50 percent of their hardware expenses

There were interesting lectures about data driven development, realtime stream processing with Amazon Kinesis, event processing with Lambda and machine learning as a service.

AWS Mobile Services

AWS supplies Z’s a comprehensive solution for mobile development.

The solution contains the following services from the image bellow. Supported platforms are the leading platforms IOS, Unity and Android.

Android home page is in this link

Scalability is no issue with the mobile API . There is also no need in EC2 instances.

Datasets are being merged between clients and is synchronized with push events.

Cognito Sample

I had been following the GITHUB sample of cognito

First I created a Facebook application

Then in the AWS console I selected Cognito:

And created a new identity pool.

The identity pool was configured with security and Facebook app identity

Once working the console displays the monitoring of the cognito service usage.

To sum up. AWS mobile SDK is simple and easy to use. The simplicity hides complex and very powerful services. This is a great set of tools for developing an android applications

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