Using Angular UI Layout

I was looking for a simple “angular layout component” for the system that we
develop. The component should support resize (by drag),collapse and expand.
I found the component ui-layout”.

It was quite simply add the component to the system, I added it to all the
necessary views and then I came across the problem with one of
the component of the system. The problem: When I tried to reduce the size of
one of the component, the behavior of the layout was corrupted. It turns out
that the layout cannot properly deal with the fact that some components
cancel the event propagation of the mouse events. I would have to make
workaround (With the generous help of Sebastian from the yFiles support). I
need to capture the mousemove event while I drag the splitter above the
component thus prevent the seepage of the event to the internal component,
when I finish to drag I “release” the event capture.<h1>How to override third party library in angular?</h1>

Another challenge was how to make the repair without changing the original
file that is not found in version control system (we using the ‘ui-layout’
through the bower) I wonder how to override the third party library and after
read this I remembered that the directive has the property ‘priority’. </br>“The priority is used to sort the directives before their compile functions get called. ”

I created directive with the same name, in order my directive will compile after, I set its priority to ‘-1’

To see an example of code …

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