Node.JS Best Practices And More - My Two Cents

During the last few months I've been working mostly on Node.JS projects so I've been reading and trying new things all the time.

Following a couple of blog posts that I've read recently about Node.JS best practices and things you shouldn't do in Node.JS (links will follow soon) I wanted to add a couple of more points that I've gathered along the way.

Node.JS best practices:

7 things yout should stop doing in Node.JS: 

To "Forever" or not to "Forever"?

There's a paradigm I've noticed in Node.JS that the server should stay "live" forever, this in turn mean that critical error may be "swallowed" by a mehcnism like "Forever". A nice different approcahes may be found here:

* Handle un-expected errors in your Node.JS server by letting it crush and then restarting it:

Child Process

Node.JS runs on a single thread but there are ways to spawn some of it's activities into child processes. I recently developed an extention to the project I'm working on that spawns all the network activities into a child process, thus, improving the overwhole efficiency of the server.

* Move tasks into child process:

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