Beyond Java-JVM - Event lectures video & slides


Beyond Java-JVM
Event lectures Video & Slides

Functional Programming with Java8,
Scala & Clojure

Following the successful FullStack event with over 260 members, we are happy to share the slides and video's from the event.
This event was about exploring the paradigm shift of Functional programming using JVM based languages Java8, Scala and Clojure.

Are you ready for "Function Programming" 
with Java 8 ? 

In this session we'll explain what “functional programming” is, and introduce some of its terminology with the new Java 8 release. We examine the concepts behind functional programming such as “side effects”, “immutability” and “declarative programming” by apply them with Java 8.
By: Yanai Franchi from Tikal ~45min.

Functional Scala





A short overview of Scala’s features: 
A functional/OO programming language that runs on the JVM
Everything is an object – no primitive types
Functions are first-class members, every function is a value, including what is usually an operator
Scala is statically-typed and supports type inference
Some of these are synthetic functions
Lambda expressions, closures and currying naturally
Pattern matching
Multiple inheritance through Traits
Comprehensive collections library.
By Shai Yallin from Wix ~45min. 

Clojure - LISP on the JVM 

In this session we'll take a whirlwind tour through Clojure and introduce some basic syntax and the philosophy behind it. We'll see how the concepts of functional programming are inherent in the language and how immutability, lazy sequence processing, and a few lines of code can change the way you think. 
By Nir Rubinstein from AppsFlyer ~45min.
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