Openstack And The Future of Enterprise Private Cloud - OpenStack Summit 2014

The OpenStack Summit in Atlanta last week was quite intense. It focused this year on bringing developers and users together. The fact OpenStack is already strongly backed by an impressive amount of both big and small companies indicates a strong momentum for OpenStack to become the standard for the enterprise private cloud and marks a shift from proprietary technologies such as VMWare, to community driven open source solutions such as the OpenStack cloud.  The keynotes, given by Troy Toman of Rackspace, likened OpenStack to proprietary clouds to what the Linux project in the 90′s was to Windows and Solaris. This comparison, if you accept it, implies that OpenStack is a huge market disruptor and is here to stay. Also well exhibited during the summit was how great effort and focus brought forth this distributed, enthusiastic open source community and ecosystem. An ecosystem that allows constant innovation through collaboration platforms such as Github and Launchpad. With confidence in the platform increasing, people are already talking about SLAs and enterprise “banking grade” deployment. In this blog, I’ll try to capture some of the key messages delivered throughout the summit, while putting emphasis on the current stage, trends and visions of the project.

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