Never-Ending Data Streams video and sildes - Big Data with Storm,Kafka,Angular and D3.js


Never-Ending Data Streams

Following the succesfull Fullstack event with over 330 members, we are happy to share the slides and video's from the event.
This evnet was about how Storm supports the construction of topologies that transform unterminated streams of data.

Read the event full agenda, comments, and reviews

Experimenting using Micro-service to establish your Realtime BigData solution with Storm and Kafka.

Kafka is a high-throughput distributed messaging system,
and Storm is a distributed and fault-tolerant real-time computation.
Both technologies can be elastically and transparently
expanded without downtime. This session presents the main concepts of Kafka and Storm ,
and then we'll show how a simple stream-processing "micro-service" module is implemented
and integrated with an existing application using these two technologies. 
60 min By: Yanai Franchi "Tikal"


Visualizing Data streams using Angular & D3.js 

Today's applications generate huge amount of data. In order to be useful, the data has to be summarized and visualized concisely. In this talk we will learn about D3.js, the web developer Swiss Army Knife for visualizing and working with data. Then we will take it one step further, and integrate our D3-based data visualizations into an Angular.JS application. 
50 min By: Uri Shaked "WatchDox"


LivePerson BigData Case Study

In LivePerson we collect a lot of customer data. The data is stored in Hadoop and can be used for batch processing and querying. Last year, we introduced Kafka and Storm to complete a big data solution for Real-time processing in addition to batch processing. In this lecture we will introduce the integration solution in LivePerson. We will also address some important issues in the solution: 1) High Availability ; 2) Data consistency; 3) Data format and schema enforcement; 4) Auditing data integrity. 
50 min By:Ran Silberman "LivePerson"

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