Choosing Git Hosting Service - guidelines for choosing the right one

Choosing the right Git hosting service is not an easy task and there is no one solution that fits all organizations - each organization have different factors to consider while making that decision.

Lately, once coming to migrate some projects to GIT (from CVS or SVN - see the tool I've created in, I repeatly being asked: which Git hosting service to use for the teams collaboration?

Basically, each organization have different aspects to consider so there is no one solution that fits all.

In order to help reaching a good decision about the issue, I've published some slides that includes the main questions each organization should ask and I've included some of the leading solutions out there - even that there are many other solutions.

In general, the main decision to make is usually whether to host the Git repositories locally or to use a cloud-based service.

Once this decision is clear, there are some local options or cloud-based options to consider.

So here are the slides:



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