Docker service discovery with skydns and skydock

Hi guys,

I stumbled upon skydock on github => dock uses skydns for service resolution via dns using skydns service.

Gave it a try myself and it looks promising especially when skydock and skydns have a small foot print runnig as containers, according to michael he is working on a cross docker feature which means name resolution will work with more than 1 instance of Docker which sounds like a service discovery solution to an entire landscape - Star this repo on github this looks like a killer adon to Docker which will make the usage very very easy in terms of configuration.

In addition you will see that you also get loadbalancing out of the box - this will be a killer feature when it will be abl to run between more than one Dokcer daemon.

I followed Michael Crosby's demo on this awesome tool on youtube:

As always hoep you find this useful.


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