Eclipse – Jenkins

Eclipse – Jenkins

Of course my assumption is that you are practicing continuous integration. If not you should begin with it right away. For more information see
One of the problems with Jenkins is that you need to always open the browser to check what the status of the build is. One of the rules for CI is never commit on a broken build (some even say on a running build), so you need to know the status of the build in a simple an easy way.
Another issue, is once the build is broken you need to click multiple times until you can get the information that you need to fix the build.
Well all this changes with the plugin for eclipse. You can download the plugin from, or just search the market place for Jenkins.
This plugin will display the builds that you choose within your eclipse:




The interval for the status checking should be changed since the default is 15 minutes.
A double click on the build will display the tests run, where you can choose to see the console output
On the junit view, you can click on any test, and it will open the code for that test. You can filter the view to see only failed tests or all of them.
A right click on the build will bring you the option to view old build or even to run a new build.
Eclipse even support instant notifications that pop up when a build finished.
Once you install this plugin you will never need to open the Jenkins in your web browser again




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