Enterprise Library Is Now True Open Source Project

Although EntLib has long shared its source code (Patterns & Practices where one of the first to do so) they are now accepting community contributions and can be declared as true OSS

    1. Starting Thursday, Nov 21, 2013, we will be accepting community contributions to the codebase (both new features and bug fixes), subject to the contribution guidelines.
    2. Microsoft patterns & practices continues to staff the project to curate as well as engage in active development and sustained engineering together with the community.
    3. In the spirit of true open source, the p&p project team will use the same process for making updates to the application blocks as any community member. No secret repositories, hidden issue trackers, or internal-only processes.
    4. Our quality bars are not lowered in any way.

taken from: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/agile/archive/2013/11/21/microsoft-enterprise-library-open-development-model.aspx

If you are not familiar with EntLib and you consider yourself a .NET programmer than you should really get to know it

Also, do check the new Enterprise Library 6: Developer’s Guide Released

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