Zurb Foundation 5 is released

Foundation 5 is out!

I couldn't find all the release notes, as this looks very fresh, and it seems like they're still updating the docs (according to the activity on GH) as I'm writing this, but as I could gather from looking at the new docs and site, this is some of what's new:
  • New flat, simplified modern look and feel.
  • Simpler integration for the provided JS components.
  • Support for Zepto is dropped- only jQuery is supported now.
  • Better organized, revamped docs!
  • Looks like the off-canvas navigator was changed and it looks very easy to use now (I haven't tried it before).
  • New feature for grid- source ordering specification by different sizes.
There could be a lot more, the release notes should probably be up soon.
There's a simple migration guide if you're interested: 
Thank you for your interest!

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