Writing a Fullstack Application with Javascript

Writing apps should be fun. This is a statement I try to keep in mind when approaching any application development. When I first realised that a full stack of Javascript can be used to create an application I was very happy, since for me coding in Javascript is a lot of fun. I was soon quite eager to neglect the traditional Java server-side + Javascript client, giving up the Java server side "bliss" and the constant context switching, in favor of a full stack of Javascript whenever I could.

For the past 2+ years I have been developing a variety of applications using a pure JS stack: Games, Forex trading middleware, CRMCMS, sophisticated proxies, and various utilities. I must admit my productivity has increased dramatically and the time-to-market of each and every project was a fraction of what it would have been using traditional Java based server side infra-structure.

On October 29th 2013 I gave a talk at the "Javascript.everywhere" meetup event, in which I presented the development route of Youtube Remote Control Application with a "slave" player using Javascript stack all over (NodeJS, Socket.IO, ExpressJS, AngularJS, MongoDB). I'm pleased to share the presentation and video.

Enjoy :)

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