Knockout v2.3.0 released; v3.0.0 beta available

Version 2.3.0 final or 3.0.0 beta are ready.

Check Steven Sanderson’s blog for more info. Version 3 reveals lots of node integration here is a recap:

  • ko.observable, ko.computedand other non-DOM-related parts of KO can now run on the server in Node.js. NPM package available.
  • The options binding has been rebuilt and made much smarter:
    • It now inserts and removes <options>nodes incrementally (rather than recreating them all) as your underlying array changes, leading to much better performance on older browsers.
    • A new optionsAfterRendercallback lets you add custom code to modify <options>nodes as they are added to the document, in case you need this to interoperate with third-party DOM libraries
  • The template binding now allows use of an observable template name. This gives you an extra way of switching templates dynamically at runtime.
  • The css binding now allows use of any legal CSS class name. Previously it didn’t allow dots or slashes in class names.
  • ko.unwrapis the new, shorter name for ko.utils.unwrapObservable. Don’t worry – the old name still works too!

Bugfixes and compatibilty/perf improvements include:

  • KO will now warn you with an error if you try to apply bindings to the same element more than once (this was always an error; we just didn’t report it before)
  • The hasfocus and options bindings now work around additional edge-case browser quirks, e.g., during page load when running in an iframe in IE9 in compatibility mode (seriously!). This gives you a more consistent developer experience.
  • Observable arrays have better handling of unexpected parameters (for example, when initialized with non-array values).
  • The templatebinding now has more predictable handling of malformed HTML markup
  • ko.toJS now usefully handles String/Number/Booleanobject-type properties (as opposed to string/number/bool primitives, which have always worked)
  • ko.computednow recovers from exceptions thrown during your evaluation callback. Previously, an evaluator exception would stop all future updates for that ko.computed.
  • Better whitespace handling in string-based templates (e.g., you can now put spaces around the equals character in data-bind = '…', if you care about that kind of thing).
  • General perf improvements (e.g., we avoid evaluating scrollTopwhen not absolutely necessary, as it triggers a rendering reflow).
  • More than 20 bugfixes for minor issues


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