Tikal ALM 2013.1 is released

Tikal ALM 2013.1 release includes new features and bug fixes in Tikal Bugzilla.

New Features

For Users

- Added option in User Preferences to have 8 queries results on the Homepage instead of 4.  See Actions->User->Preferences->Homepage

For Administrators

- Added gitweb integration
  See Actions->Administration->Parameters->Administrative Policies
  'gitweburl' parameter should be set to the base path as  'http://yourserver/?p=yourrepo&a=search&h=HEAD&st=commit&sr=1&s=[BugIdIssueId]%3A'

- Add parameter to make file attachments to be a default
  See Actions->Administration->Parameters->Attachments
  'localattachment_default' parameter can be set to 'On'

- Bugzilla utilities: add sendmail option to updateFieldValue and updateStatusResolution function
- Bugzilla utilities: add comment option to updateStatusResolution function
- Bugzilla utilities: add addComment function
- Add script to convert singleselect custom field to multiselect custom field (migrate_singleselect2multiselect.pl)

Bugs fixes

#2538 - New/Browse menus look bad in IE7, IE8 and IE9 when using classifications
#2540 - When CRM is cleared, db is not updated correctly
#2544 - CRM is partially cleared on mass update
#2542 - Resolver appears as userid instead of login in issue activity


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