Performing backup with Git

~4 years ago I wrote a script which will sync my drupal files directory between two servers [ I used rsync for that ], the problem with rsync was that it fetches a checsum of every file and direcroty over SSH which was very slow, and the critical issue was I have no history of the data - and if I am maintaining multipule syncs whats the point in rsync.

I looked @ svn at the time which was extreemly slow with binaries [ zip, tars etc ], Git and the git protocol in specific did the full sync [ ~1GB ] in under 45 minuets - over the Internet which was quite good IMO.

I was talking with a collegue on such a solution the other day and I thought why not share this. So for purely educational puposes I put thist scripup as a Gist @: [ or part of the repository @:, but i am not sure it will survive there]  and an acompenying repository called "files_repo".

As you will see in the readme I am not sure it will do much for you but if you are consdering on using it read the following:

  • create a repository [ e.g. on GitHub ]
  • set the FILES_DIR parameter [ or default to /opt/data ]
  • set the MY_GIT_REPO parameter [ or default to /opt/git-repo ]
  • set my GIT_REMOTE parameter with the full git url of you repository [I didn't check this via https ... ]

Run the script, this is really custom to my use case, but shows another awsome aspect of git.