MultiJob 1.9 released

Hi All,

With many thanks to Community members: Kiall Mac Innes, Roni Licht & the remaining ALM team we have released the 1.9 version late last week with the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed JENKINS-15648 - Multi Job plugins stops when sub job fails or aborted also when the "Mark phase as successful" is set as always continue 
  • Fixed JENKINS-17068 - Subprojects aren't stop when stopping multijob project
  • Fixed JENKINS-17070 - Missing times with multiconfiguration projects
  • Fixed JENKINS-17254 - Multijob view last succes / last failure columns shows status instead of #of days/hours since
  • Fixed JENKINS-17284 - Jenkins cant display multijob view graphically if a job in phase not exists 
  • Fixed JENKINS-17153 - Dependency on parameterized-trigger should not be optional?
  • Fixed JENKINS-16048 - MultiJob Detailed Table is missing when non valid MultiJob phase exits
  • Fixed JENKINS-14604 / JENKINS-13078 - Multijob Plugin looses a hierarchical view at the multijob project page when it has upstream project(s)
  • Fixed JENKINS-17535 - Provide env vars detailing triggered builds (thanks Kiall Mac Innes)

All fixed issues documented in & - please vote on issues your vote matters !!!

Worth noting MultiJob plugin now has two plug-in dependencies which will be automatically installed the EnvInject & Parameterized trigger plugins


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