Java2Dart MVC --> MVP --> MDV

 As a Java developer I frequently worked with the MVC design pattern when working with Swing UI framework. You can see wikipedia diagram for this design pattern.When I first started to work with Web frameworks, MVC was there for me in the Struts framework. and JSF (Java Server Faces)


When I working with GWT , I was introduced the MVP design pattern( as in the picture below).
Unlike in MVC, here the presenter was between the model and the view.
The following blog explains the differences between each design pattern.
DART language introduced me to a new design alternative. MDV (Model Driven View), is a the suggested way to handle the problem MVC and MVP addressed in previous frameworks.
As defined in Seth’s blog,  MDV is a set of techniques to help you bind your data to your views. DART language Web UI package supplies several ways to perform MDV. The list contains :One-way data binding, Two-way data binding, Conditionals,Loops and Event listeners.
As we can see, there is no controller ,and presenter with this solution. These features will ease web development and place Dart as a major alternative for web development.

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