"Rails on Scale" TCE - Building large scale web applications with Ruby on Rails 4/2/13


"Rails on scale" is an event focused on giving you ideas and tools to use on your real life rails application. The presentations will go in depth, into the language ,the framework, the tools and methods we used when building large scaled apps for customers. Even if you have an app that you don't call "big scale",this event will be very interesting to you since the depth of the lectures will be such that any rails/ruby developer will enjoy. 


08:30-09:30 Registration and Networking


Building a graph using MongoDB in large scale (Avi Tzurel "Tikal")

Social graphs are the next big thing on the web, Who my friends are, what are they doing, why should I care and other interesting questions. Dealing with a social graph is a big task involving big-data and requiring a concept change from dealing with regular SQL databases.



The Ruby Object Model(Omer Lachish-Rauchwerger "Klarna AB")

We often hear that "everything in Ruby is an object". In this back-to-basics talk we will cover the fundamentals of objects in Ruby and the theoretical background for metaprogramming in Ruby.


11:15-11:30 Break



Refactoring for performance and profit a real life use case (Tom Caspy "Tikal")

performance on rails, how to treat your code throughout your application's life cycle for best code style and performance.



New Caching Goodies (Yuval Larom "FTBPro")

A couple of cool tools we developed in FTBpro to really speed up your site 



When : Monday, February 4, 2013 @ 8:30 AM To 

Where : "OzenBar" 48 King Gorge st, Tel-Aviv. 


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