Installing Chef Server

Following the Fuse day (#6) and the very poor documentation and the amount of bugs found in the Chef Solo cookbooks for the Chef OSS server, I put together a set of script which will attempt to clear all the clutter around installing a Cehf OSS server.


There is a Git repository on git hub which will install Chef Server on CentOS 5.8 & 6 and I will be adding support for Ubuntu in the near future (its in the works), there is no magic here just a fair amount of trial and error which led me to automate it - it just was too much time to do manually over and over again ...


During my attempt I was planning on using Chef-Solo to do the work based on this wiki page but there were so many bugs in it which led me to user rble repository.


So what this script does ?

  1. It requires you to be root
  2. It will add the required repositories
  3. Install ruby via rvm (my personal preference)
  4. Install chef server via rpm



Enjoy, and I would like to here your feedback.


For the brave guys who do not want to read and just do it ... (it takes ~30 minuets depending on your internet connection)


git clone
cd ./chef-server-install && all



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