Trying Google App Engine and Cloud SQL with Mehameme



During the last Fuse Day in Tikal we (Python group) were playing with Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL.

We did a project called Mehameme - It suppose to be a website similar to and it has to be in Hebrew.

The technologies we used were:


1.) Django

2.) Google App Engine

3.) Google Cloud SQL

4.) Git + Github

5.) JQuery


Google App Engine lets you store your app on google without worrying about deployment (it's done with one click) and other related stuff.

Google Cloud Sql lets you use MySql database which runs on the cloud.


The main problem we encountered was connecting our app to facebook (I hope Lior B. can describe it better than me), but nevertheless we have our site running on:


Please feel free to contribute to the project on github (

Thank you for your interest!

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