Secure Java code for customer with Spring/Hibernate web application



One of our customers needs to protect his code as much as possible - I know that in Java there is no 100% encryption protection, but they are OK, if at least we bring higher the code security barrier, i.e. with obfuscation that works on server web application.

Does anyone recommend from his experience on a good tool (either open source or not, free or commercial), which can do the job (i.e. Proguard can't do it since it uses simple Java reflection)?

The product is a full web application (heavy usage of Spring/Hibernate based) that runs in Tomcat on Linux 64 , and we build it with Maven, so it would be an advantage if the tool will be integrated as part of the build process. We saw this product, but we are totally unsure it can work for the requirements above.


Do you have any good experience with any product that can work for us ?





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