Node.js Course

A hands-on course about developing server-side, event-driven, aynchronuos i/o, scalable applications, all in JavaScrtipt. The course is divided into two parts, Basic and Advanced, and deals with pragmatic, real-world usages of Node.js.




- Basic JavaScript Skills

- Experience with web development and HTTP


- Session 1 (06.11 15:00-19:00)

* Introduction & Setup

* Writing a "Hello World" web-server.

- Session 2 (13.11 15:00-19:00) 

* Core API Basics

* Debugging

* Taking "Hello World" a step further with static content serving and caching

- Session 3  (20.11 15:00-19:00)

* Introducing the EventEmmitter class and patterns

* Creating & Using Modules

* Improving "Hello World" using streaming


The advanced part of the course includes interfacing with databases (MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis), the Express framework, WebSockets and security. Details will be published... 




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