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Recently I wanted to add my own domain name to my blog. I bought ““ from HostingDude for less than 8$ (Tip: add the domain name to cart but don’t pay yet. Soon you’ll get a 10% discount offer by mail).

I was surprised to see that in I had to pay 13$ a year to add my domain name to my blog, so I decided to look for a free WordPress self hosting.

The first place I found was They have a free no ads plan with 250MB disk space and 6GB monthly traffic. Setup was easy and my blog was up very quickly. Admin tools are very simple and easy to work with. Unfortunately, when I tried to install a plugin (Can you imagine WordPress without plugins?), I got an error message:

“An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request”

There are some reasons that can bring you to see it, but here the problem was that blocks any script call from your site to outside server. DownVote!

Next try was with You get there 1.5GB of disk space and unlimited traffic! (Actually if there is no hit in a month they delete your account). There are no ads at all, and for skeptics they named the server Registration is very simple. Actually it is so simple that you don’t get any much admin tools beside tools to administrate only the exact hosted domain. If you want to register a subdomain, you need to start from the beginning. Also, about 50% of my http requests ended up with 404 error. Application installer doesn’t work (they say it is due to an upgrade, didn’t say until when). I left this server leaving my account undeleted (no way to do that).

Next station was at The plan has 10GB of disk space and 100GB traffic and no ads. registration is simple and admin tools are simple and powerful. Traffic is very fast, 100% availability. There is no outside scripting limit, so WordPress is fully functional. There is a restriction that you can’t add more than one domain in 24 hours (Doesn’t bother me).

There are many free PHP/MySql hosting providers out there. Meanwhile I stay with

Currently I keep looking for an ASP.NET/MSSSQL free hosting with not much success. Till now I found with 100MB disk space (for MS???) and 2GB monthly traffic. This provider claims it is only for learning. Using it is very hard. Most of the admin pages covered with large ads and you always have to scroll down to see them. Admin tools are very very poor and look like a first year student work. Also, after you go all over the long registration process you find out that your account will be deleted every 90 days, so I’ll keep looking…


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