DevOps for Developers - TCE @ 18.7.12 (קריפטון הכפר הירוק)

What does it mean DevOps, and how should you apply it?

In this event we will go over the main reasons for implementing DevOps methodologies in the organization, and show the problems they may solve.




08:30-09:30  Registration

Introduction to DevOps

Overview on a number of concepts , which are the backbone of DevOpts, i.e. cloud computing, environment code, process automation and more. (30 min by: Miron Gofer "Tikal")


DevOps for developers a Journey from Ops 2 Dev and Back
A true story with a practical approach, emphasizing the milestones needed in order to shift from Continuous Integration to Continuous delivery & deployment. The presentation will cover a walk-through of methodologies & tools such as CI,CD combined with Jenkins, Jenkins MultiJob plugin and others. (45 min by: Haggai Philip Zagury "Tikal")

10:45-11:30 Breakfast


Chef for developers

Introduction to Chef, an open source systems configuration management and integration framework. It covers why people use Chef, benefits of using it and gives an overview of how it works. Learn how Chef can help automate your system and bring you closer to infrastructure as code bliss. (45 min by: Avishai Ish-Shalom "Fewbytes")


DevOps real life showcase - Gogobot

How Gogobot does Devops? Process of development and the move into production. Lessons learned from the last 18 months in production and 30X in scale. (35 min by: Avi Tzurel, "Kenso & Tikal")



הכפר הירוק, רמת השרון


Date : Wednsday, 18th July 2012 , 08:30-13:00.

Free parking available.

event is F.O.C


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