Interview Questions (flex) - What do you say?

Hi all,

as you know, I work as a full time freelancer in RIA and web development.

Once in a while like every service provider I have to meet with new clients to maybe start working with them on new projects, or work with the company as a consultant.

Usually when I go to this kind of a meeting, my portfolio speaks for itself and we get down to business in no time.

Today was different, I was in such a meeting and the guy sitting with me asked me to take a short test (3 questions test).

It seemed odd, but I didn’t refuse and took it.

Well, I passed :-) he said with flying colors (he’s words), but I wanted to see what you guys think and to see your answers.

1st Question

Describe all the ways you can send paramaters into a flash object.

2nd Question

You have an array of zeros and ones 0/1/1/1/1/0/1/0/1/0/1/1/1/0.

Write a function that sorts this array without using the sort function (:-))

3rd Question

You have an XML holding commercial data. Each XmlNode holds the t1 (time to start) and t2 (time to end).

Write a function that takes the commercials and displays them on the canvas. No need to parse the XML.

Time: 15 minutes

I will publish my answers in a different post in a few days. You can either comment or send me the answer via email.

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