TryStack an OpenStack test bed

TryStack [announced Feb 16th], is a test bed of OpenStack's "latest and gratest" - well not quite the latest and graetest but it will get there...,   you can watch the presntation by Jay Pipes on TryStack's architecture and services  here .

This is a great opertunity of understanding what OpenStack can give you without starting setting it up yourself, atough there are a few howto's around on how to go about and do so to.


In order to try TryStack go to and join the TryStack group on Facebook and get your account, there are currently 1,204 members which is pretty impressive. TryStack's available resources are: 156 cores, 1040GB memory and 59.1 which is also quite impressive for a free, community intiative.


Please note: any instance you may setup will only be available for 24 hours - so don't try going production on this ...


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