The Future of Flex? This Graph might give you a hint

Recently I’ve been meeting many Flex developers who are trying to figure out where’s the Flex job market going, mostly asking themselves if it’s time to switch to HTML5 or other client technologies. This graph might give you a hint. The graph displays the percentage of jobs found for each search terms on According to this graph, demand for Flex developers is obviously taking a huge fall while demand for HTML5 is rising in an amazing rate.

<div style="text-align: center;">source:
I find two possible explanations to the graph, each one is also introducing a different forecast :
<ul><li>[Pessimistic] Flex is vanishing from the industry, in a couple of years it will no longer be used for new projects, Flex developers will still be able to find jobs maintaining existing projects, very much like developer of other technologies that have vanished form the job market.</li></ul><ul><li>[Optimistic] The market is over reacting to Adobe’s recent Flex related strategy. Yes, some companies are avoiding the use of Flex for new projects and are exploring new technologies, but soon those companies will find out the obvious, HTML5\JS Are not mature enough and at this point can not offer companies a real alternative to Flex. Many of these companies will soon understand that leaving Flex was a mistake. They will get back to hiring Flex developers.</li></ul><p>Which one of these forecasts is the right one? we’ll just have to wait and see.

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