GWT Course

 We are introducing GWT for beginners,this course is consist of 4 sessions, of 3 hours each:

I am using eclipse for demonstrate, you will need to  insatll  GWT plugin. 2.4 for eclipse


On each session we will have an hour for writing GWT Twitter application:

will include Login screen/add message/list of messages. 

Using MVP and cellWidgtes


#session 1 (date 04.03)

1. concept

2. when to use GWT

3. Intro

  • GWT project
  • GWT Module
  • Deffered  binding
  • GWT Compiler
  • Exmaples
  • cons vs. pros

4. create Hello World Project (create login screen for: GWT twitter )


#session 2 (date 11.03)

1. MVP

2. Browser history

3. Events

4. Client Bundle



7. Communicate with server

8. continue with GWT Twitter (add messages screen)


 #session 3 (date 18.03)

1. Performance (go over performance pitfalls)

2. mobile

3. Frameworks GXT/SmartGWT/GQuery

4. finish GWT Twitter use cell widgtes 


 #session 4 (date 1.4)

MVP framworks GWTP etc ...



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