TCE Event - An HTML5 & Javascript Journey - Front End to Back End @Kripton

HTML5 is the hottest new advance in web technologies. The work on HTML5, which started in 2004 and that was carried out mainly by the W3C and WHATWG, slowly caught the attention of all major web-browsers vendors that now take active part in setting its future. Being able to handle complex user-interfaces, deliver multimedia & 3d content made HTML5, along with recent JavaScript and CSS3 Enhancements, the ultimate choice for web, mobile, and even rich desktop applications.
Tikal Knowledge, provider of open source solutions and services, invites you to learn about the new approaches and solutions in HTML5,CSS3 and Javascript.


General Information 

Date: Tuesday, February 28th on 8:30 - 13:00
Location: Kripton, Hakfar Hayarok (הכפר הירוק), Ramat Hasharon (map).
Free parking is available.
The Event is Free of charge.


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The Agenda


09:30-10:15: HTML5 & CSS3 - Sneak Peek of the Good Stuff

(Oded Sagir, "Tikal")

HTML5 & CSS3 are no longer buzzwords but mature and production-ready standards. Today, alongside with JavaScript, these open-source and open-standard technologies dominate the client-side. In this session we’ll peek on some of the notable frameworks and paradigms that make modern user interfaces.

10:15-11:00: Dive into OOP & Architecture in Javascript

(Oren Farhi, “Tikal”)

Building javascript applications is easy when using object oriented concepts. In this session we’ll dive into the world of object oriented design and programming through real world examples. we’ll see how to transform any code to a neat, professional object oriented javascript. 

11:30-12:15: Introduction to Node.js & CoffeeScript 

(Adi Baron, "Tikal")

Building highly scalable realtime web application is a challenge. Learn how Node.js, an event-driven framework that is built around the premise of heavy I/O load, makes that challenge easily accomplished.

12:15-13:00: HTML5/Javascript Case Studies

Crossrider: Cross browser, Javascript platform apps development platform by Shmueli Ahdut
WAYbetter: " a shared taxi ride" cross mobile device application using PhoneGap and Javascript by Guy Kremnitzer
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