BugAid – What Visual Studio could have been

Alt.Net tools night are great for “getting to know” new tools and meet some outstanding fellow .Net (or other) programmers/professionals. Usually around 60 or so people come to these events and I think this is pretty impressive for a Google group that started out there in the wild.

On the last session of Alt.Net tools night (Jan 2012) I got so impressed by one of the sessions I decided to share it. Not that the other session where unimpressive, on the contrary, it’s just that this little tool is not something you see every day.

You don’t get to see to amazing talented people quit their day job and lay it all down from a basic concept to a real product just to give it a shot in the wild like the big boys play. And they have done a fantastic job with a great tool: BugAid. BugAid is debug helper integrated into VS 2010. It gives you a better insight of what you are debugging. Here are some samples I just copied and paste from their site




Get the output of each and every code segment right where the code is written




Search& filter  you debug watch item instead of just viewing long enumeration values.

Star your important members


Compare variables and variables snapshot



The good news they are giving free license if are an official open source programmer, that means you have to send them a link to your project in order to get the free license. They are also selling a license for 49$ - but get this: you will receive all future updates, free of charge since this is an early adopter program.

All n all, I think that this kind of tool should be fully integrated with the next version of VS. These guys had a great Idea and where able to bring it from a mere thought to a working product.


Go check it out at http://www.bugaidsoftware.com

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